1957-1958 Original Flying V's

The first and original Flying V !
Although some prototypes left the Kalamazoo Gibson plant in 1957 (thus bearing 7 1234 type inked numbering) the main batch left the factory in 1958 and 1959. Subsequently, some guitars were shipped in '62 & '63 made with '58-'59 bodies and necks but using nickel plated hardware and knobs as found on the SG's of that same period.
This guitar was ahead of it's time and didn't reach great public success reason why mint examples can these days sell for USD 100'000 or above.
Rudolf Schenker, Billy Gibbons, Eric Clapton, J. Geils, Lonnie Mack are some of the lucky owners of such guitars
In 1991, Gibson was going to procuce a truly exact reedition (as well as an explorer)but faced low public interest as the recomended price should have been somewhere around USD 10'000. Only a V and an Explorer were made (picture courtesy Gibson Historic Collection Magazine)

Original '58 V and the original patent drawings as produced by Ted Mccarthy

Lonnie Mack's 58 V fitted with a Bigsby - he specially ordered this guitar from Cincinnati in 1958 (the only known V to leave the factory with a bigsby fitted)