1994 100th Anniversary Flying V


  • Special Limited Editions features include:
    •  11 pt. diamond on the Gibson head stock logo.
    • 5 pt. diamond on 22K plated top hat knobs.
    • Jeweled sterling silver serial number embedded on the tailpiece.
    • Gold plated top hat knobs with embedded 100 Year Anniversary Logo 
    • Mother of pearl inlays including a 12th fret 100th Anniversary Banner 
    • Each guitar will be numbered in a series from 1894 - 1994 
    • 22K gold plated anniversary Orville Gibson Coin embedded on the back of the head stock
    • Silk screened anniversary head stock  cover 
    • Hand tooled leather case, complete with outer covering 
    • Hand tooled embossed leather strap with 100 Year Anniversary Logo 
    • Certificate of  Authenticity for each guitar 
    • Personalized framed  picture of each of each individual guitar for the purchaser of the guitar 
    • Silk ribbon with 100th  Anniversary Logo 
    • Jeweled, 14K gold signet ring with Gibson 100 Year Anniversary Logo personalized for the purchaser of each guitar 

    S/N # 1908 9
    Courtesy : Junya

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